Saturday, September 24, 2011

On The Road To The Giants

On the way to Gunung Merapi, there was also people...

Half the way, we stopped at a small restaurant:


Then at the Base Camp, in Selo:


Finally when climbing:

Some campers


Thursday, September 22, 2011

In The Courtyard Of The Giants

Gunung Merapi. A testing trip.

Gunung Merapi. 3:19 Am

Last sun on Gunung Merapi

Gunung Lawu seen from Merapi top.

Gunung Merbabu. In the distance, Gunung Sumbing and Sendoro

Gunung Merapi 180° Panorama

Last step before the top...


Monday, September 19, 2011

Village School Disaster Information Center for Merapi's Eruption Disaster Mitigation

After last eruption of Mt Merapi, some people think it's time for them to hold a better organization in the management of the rescue.

Here is one project I ask you to considere and support. To do so, it's simple. Go to this website. There is a "I like" button. "Like" it.

There is several projects in competition. The first five will be funded ( "I like" is a vote ).

The website is here: Sekolah Desa Bencana sebagai Pusat Informasi Mitigasi Bencana Erupsi Merapi
The original is in Indonesian. I made a "Google" translation, but it's good enough to tell what it's about.

Thank you for your support

Project Description:

Based on the experience of November 2010 Merapi eruption events, the occurrence of panic and confusion in disaster showed low awareness / community preparedness in disaster response, poor inter-agency coordination in disaster mitigation, plus the absence of Local Organization Team or Special concentrate in disaster mitigation and Merapi Eruption . Therefore, we as local residents who live in KRB II wanted to direct and active role in approaching and education about disaster mitigation and emergency response through the Village School Disaster and Rescue Team established a recruiting local youths in every hamlet in KRB I, II, III in cooperation with relevant parties.

Problem you want solved:

1. Merapi eruption cycle that occurs almost Periodic once every four years a lot of impact loss to the community around the slopes of Mount Merapi.

2. We do not want to happen again november 2010 events where more people believe in things mystical / superstitious than scientific information issued BNPB resulting in the downfall of many casualties.

3. Local Communities ith evacuated by the SAR Team volunteers or who come from different regions and even abroad, because local residents feel more informed about the ins and outs of Merapi in the appeal of people from outside the area, so we as a local youth will participate actively awake and evacuating people our local environment and community with a family approach when Mount Merapi activity increases or harm.

4. Participate actively in the experience of evacuation of the last eruption of Merapi, where paths or roads are blocked by the evacuation of many trees, especially trees and bamboo Salak Pondoh the collapsed half way through an obstacle evacuation process krn evacuation vehicles can not pass by, in collaboration with residents / local youth better know the pass / alternative path that is safe and can be penetrated as a guide for SAR Team Volunteers or from outside the area.

How to cope with and the people who benefit from:

1. Cultural approaches and continuously in providing an understanding of disaster management education to be better prepared to face, before, during and after the disaster.

2. Providing the right knowledge to the public about Kegunungapian start early age through the Village School will be the Disaster Information Center and the Center for the Study of Mount Merapi People living around the slopes of Mount Merapi and the general public from various regions who want to study in the Handling of Disaster Mitigation in particular on the mountain volcano that is widely available in Indonesia.

3. Establish SAR Team / Rescue, held Merapi SAR Training facilities and infrastructure as well as complement the SAR Team, who were recruited from representative / Local Youth leaders from around the hamlets included in the KRB I, II, III, so that when needed they will be able to easily awaken his family to follow the advice of government / BNPB.

Parties who receive the benefits of this project is the community around the slopes of Mount Merapi covers 4 District: Sleman, Magelang, Klaten and Boyolali. Especially Society berbatasab Sleman directly with the peak of Merapi and lived in KRB I, II, III, namely the people who live in District 3: Turi, CTL and Cangkringan. More Specials more people who live in the village of Turi / Kalurahan Wonokerto which is the Village / Kalurahan top directly adjacent to the peak of Merapi, such as those occupied by the proposer of Kenteng, Wonokerto, Turi, Sleman, with Kalurahan Wonokerto Population in as many as 8,000 people more.

Measure of success:

1. Awareness and preparedness in communities around the slopes of Mount Merapi eruption of Merapi, or face a variety of disasters with a natural cycle of Mount Merapi.

2. Establishment of Village School as a Centre for Disaster Mitigation Information about Merapi eruption, as a medium conveys information from the Government / BNPB to Local Communities.

3. The establishment of the SAR Team Rescue of Merapi or Indomerapi Local youth, as well as next Guard in Disaster Management and Emergency Response and Guidance for Volunteers from outside the region, or SAR.

4. With the skills, tools and Readiness Perengkapan Indomerapi Rescue Team to be sent to other areas throughout Indonesia which experienced a natural disaster.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Merapi Forever And Again

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.
- Henry David Thoreau