Friday, April 17, 2009


Development of Culture Kinanthi Solo work with Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah (TBJT)hold a puppet with the colossal involving more than 140 supporters. With the story Risang Wrahatnala, this dish spectacular was held on Friday (10 / 4) in Pendapa TBJT.
Risang Wrahatnala a metaphor about the big themes of life that always contain the dark side. That also applies to the Pandawa Satria classified as groups, including the Arjuna, symbol of pure male, or on anyone. Value repertoire presumably this is the dark side of man-which is often been; symbolized in plain-exist but remain in the aesthetic frame puppet.
Rev. work of choreographer Prabowo Santoso 140 model supported this label puppet people "alternative" as a call for new bids.

Location: Taman Budaya Solo

Texte by Shakuntaladevi - Pictures by Ovie

Monday, April 6, 2009


The show results from the collaboration between Shakuntaladevi (Dance) Dimas (Music) and Ovie (visual)

I Wayan Sadra Mentoring Programme in " Bukan Musik Biasa " in Taman Budaya Solo, provides a home, time and space, for independent artists to develop their own practice on a full-time basis. Set within the unique surrounds of open stage, Taman Budaya Solo stimulates unique conditions for exchange, critical thinking and dialogue.

We present morsels of choreographic ideas and work in progress over 3 days in live innovative performances and interactive music, visual art and dance. This event aims to share brand new experiences in performance and professional process.

Set within a visual arts context, allows the audience to walk freely, sit, converse and read throughout the process. . . . Mistery Chemistry is here. (Text from Shakuntaladevi)