Friday, February 4, 2011

Shooting The Stars - BPFI At Bali Art Center

 Bali - Denpasar - BALI ART CENTER - 29/30 February

For this Charity Event, BFPI organized a workshop with models in the park of the Bali Art Center.
I took the opportunity...

But after a while, I got tired to shoot "nicely". So I went to a more agressive settle, like: over exposition and flash....

Make and Dressing by Sari Kusuma Hairbeauty

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going To Bali - First Visit

Bali, Bali… Everybody – me included – heard about the paradise island.
Extraordinary sceneries, places of ultimate beauty…
But I went there for another reason… A charity photo exhibition for Merapi Victims, organized by the BPFI (Bali Photographer For Indonesia )
I took the opportunity to shoot whatever came to my lens.
So, no sunset on a virgin beach, no temple out of time, nothing else than the normal life, somewhere in Depasar.

Hope you'll enjoy…

The Exhibition in the Hall of the Bali Art Center

The Exhibition in the Hall of the Bali Art Center

Sunset In The Bali Art Center

In the Bali Art Center

Statue at the Entrance of the Bali Art Center


Evening Light

Denpasar Harbour

Harbour Shooting

Harbour Shooting

Harbour Shooting

Harbour's Workers

Harbour's Workers

Harbour's Workers

Plane Landing

A Shape of Clouds

Street Shooting


Strange Dead Trees

On the Boat, Back to Java